The dawns

The founder of the Pigliacelli family, Sisto, was born on May 2 1905 in Alatri. After the schools, it helps the family financially and became a grain and livestock dealer; moves with a cart to reach the markets and deliver goods to the usual buyers. Sisto realized that, in doing so, he was "moving" not only his "merchandise" but also the future of the family, due to the growing trust that customers gave him. On September 24, 1932, Sisto celebrated the birth of the firstborn Roman, who - after the end of the Second World War - began to help his father, followed by his brother Elio. The fruits of a job done with dedication and a lot of passion, are realized in the purchase of the first vehicle. The post-war reconstruction of Italy and Ciociaria, moved on the powerful wheels of trucks driven by the willpower of small hauliers such as Sisto, Romano and Elio. On August 27, 1952, Augusto, the third son of Sixsto, was born.

In movement

Meanwhile, Romano Pigliacelli took his driving license for trucks and began his life as a driver. The "Autostrada del Sole" still did not exist and the journeys of the hauliers were often transformed into exhausting adventures on the long and rugged Italian roads. Soon Romano and Elio proved to be excellent drivers, precise in scrupulously tracking the times of the routes and distinguishing themselves for their proverbial punctuality that conquered more and more customers. The work was fine, so Romano and Elio decided to buy another vehicle and hire two drivers to form the first two crews. On 6 June 1962, the Rome-Frosinone section of the "Autostrada del Sole" was inaugurated and a new era was opened for hauliers in the province of Ciociara and a turning point for the socio-economic development of this land. Romano and Elio continued to follow roads on roads, arriving to grind each over 250,000 kilometers a year. It was Italy of the economic boom, of reconstruction, of work, of trust in tomorrow. Romano and Elio become "Entrepreneur Driver", a small fleet was born. At the end of the '60s, the Pigliacelli succeeded in creating one of the largest trucking companies in the province of Frosinone.

A new beginning

In 1974 the Autotrasporti Pigliacelli Romano and C. s.n.c rises, and, despite the first few years of the economic crisis, the growth of the Ciociaria company continued with the increase in orders and the increase in the vehicle fleet. In the eighties, Augusto entered the company and together with the brothers Romano and Elio - ahead of the market times - transformed the Autostrasporti Pigliacelli into a "center of excellence" thanks to a company philosophy oriented towards pursuing quality and efficiency. At the beginning of the 90s the slogan "Pigliacelli moves the future" was created, which stands out on the long yellow coror tarts of the articulated lorries, which, more and more numerous, travel the roads of Europe.


At the beginning the activity was mainly directed to the transport of powder products for industry and construction, the acquisition of new customers, leading the company to diversify its fleet with the activation of liquid transport services and transport of waste. In the company, he began to work with brilliant results, including the third generation with Ezio and Marcello, sons of Romano and Danilo, son of Elio. The company growth is constant, so much so that in 2005, Pigliacelli SpA owned 500 vehicles and gave work to 500 drivers; that Romano and Elio personally knew one by one, because of that particular relationship of mutual esteem and affection with the employees, which has always been at the base of their idea of "doing business".

A new home

In 2006, the Pigliacelli Spa Group inaugurated its new headquarters with modern offices in Castelmassimo di Veroli on a surface of 150,000 square meters, adjacent to the municipality of Frosinone and at the entrance of the highway to Sora. The company strategy of a continuous improvement of the quality of the service, is realized with the construction of more and more stop centers: Veroli (Frosinone), Colleferro (Rome), Minor Siglia fraction of Salerno, Volpiano (Turin), Salere di Oricola (L 'Aquila). Today the company has 600 vehicles and as many drivers who travel the Italian roads and the world, always updating the slogan "moves the future", even in the third millennium